Live Sport

We show Live sport and replays daily, including RLWC, NFL, Rugby Union, Cricket, SPL, EPL & Union and more - all local and International Big Events.

Please check with venue as we cannot always show with sound.

This Weeks Sport

Thursday 17
12pm  College B'Ball: Texas A&M v Auburn LIVE
12:15pm NBA: Celtics v Raptors LIVE
1pm College B'Ball: Texas State v Iowa State LIVE
2:35pm NBA: Warriors v Pelicans LIVE
3pm College B'Ball: Air Force v UNLV LIVE
7:15pm BBL: Heat v Thunder LIVE
7:50pm NBL: Adelaide v Perth LIVE

Friday 18
12pm NBA: Pacers v 76ers LIVE
1pm College B'Ball: Arizona v Oregon LIVE
1:30pm NBA: Thunder v Lakers LIVE
3pm College B'Ball: Pepperdine v BYU LIVE
7:50pm A-League: WSW v Adelaide LIVE
7:50pm NBL: Illawarra v New Zealand LIVE
9:30pm BBL: Scorchers v Hurricanes LIVE

Saturday 19
1pm NBA: Timberwolves v Spurs LIVE
2:35pm NBA: Clippers v Warriors LIVE
2:50pm NBL: Sydney v Adelaide LIVE
5:30pm A-League: Sydney v Newcastle LIVE
6:45pm BBL: Renegades v Stars LIVE
7:50pm NBL: Brisbane v Cairns LIVE
7:50pm A-League: Melbourne City v Perth LIVE
11:30pm EPLP: Wolves v Leicester LIVE

Sunday 20
1pm NBA: Rockets v Lakers LIVE
2:50pm NBL: Perth v Melbourne Live
5pm A-League: Melbourne Victory v Wellington LIVE
7pm A-League: CCM v Brisbane LIVE
7:15pm BBL: Sixers v Heat LIVE

Monday 21
12pm NFL: Chiefs v Patriots LIVE
6pm NFL: Saints v Rams REPLAY
7:15pm BBL: Strikers v Hurricanes LIVE
7:50pm NBL: Cairns v New Zealand LIVE

Tuesday 22
12pm NBA: 76ers v Rockets LIVE
1pm College B'Ball: Kansas v Iowa State LIVE
2:30pm NBA: Lakers v Warriors LIVE
5pm NBA: Grizzles v Pelicans REPLAY
7:15pm BBL: Thunder v Renegades LIVE
7:50pm A-League Melbourne City v WSW LIVE

Wednesday 23
12pm College B'Ball: Kentucky v Mississippi LIVE
1pm College B'Ball: Pittsburgh v Duke LIVE
1pm College B'Ball: Alabama v Ole Miss LIVE
3pm College B'Ball: Fresno State v San Diego State LIVE
3pm BBL: Stars v Strikers LIVE
5:30pm A-League: Wellington v Sydney LIVE
7:15pm BBL: Sixers v Hurricanes LIVE
7:50pm A-League: Newcastle v CCM LIVE
7:50pm NBL: Melbourne v Illawarra LIVE

Subject to change, please confirm with venue directly 9290 1811 to be sure.