Southgate Restaurant &
Shopping Precinct, Southbank,
VIC, Australia

P.J.O’Brien’s House Policy


P.J.O’Brien’s believes in the Responsible Service of Alcohol
We enforce RSA and Patron Code of Conduct at all times
We have developed an Alcohol Management plan to prevent intoxication within the venue


All bar staff are RSA trained and supported by management in enforcing this policy.
P.J.O’Brien’s bar staff will do the following to the best of their ability:
Encourage the responsible service of Alcohol
Not serve anyone who is underage
Not serve anyone who is already intoxicated
Discourage people from taking part in activities that may cause harm
Practice our Smart Shout Policy by issuing free bottled water to customers during peak times
and to anyone they think needs hydration


Our crowd controllers work with our Management and Staff to enforce our RSA policy. Crowd
controllers do the following:
Prevent entry to minors
Prevent entry to intoxicated people
Prevent overcrowding of the venue
Safely assist with the removal of patrons who have been asked to leave the licensed premises if
it is deemed that the patron has not adhered to our Patron Code of Conduct
Are aware of all transport options for our patrons
Practice our Smart Shout Policy


Management has a duty of care for our staff and patrons and adopts a serving strategy to create
the right balance between a safe environment and a fun venue for our patrons to enjoy
Adopt a Patron code of conduct
Train and support staff in RSA practices
Provide good lighting and airflow, do not over crowd the venue, provide adequate seating, the
right balance between men and women in the venue, well trained staff, crowd controllers and
excellent customer service
Encourage staff and security to practice our Smart Shout Policy

Patron Code of Conduct

By entry to the premises of P.J.O’Brien’s patrons agree to comply with the venues Code of
Conduct and the conditions set out within it.
To abide by the P.J.O’Brien’s Patron Code of Conduct you will:
Comply with any reasonable direction of management or staff
Accept responsibility for your actions at all times
Be able to prove that you are over 18 years of age in line with Liquor Licensing guidelines
Be refused service and asked to leave the premises if you become intoxicated, violent, indecent
or disorderly.
Recognise that the comfort and safety of all patrons is of paramount importance to the
management and staff of this establishment
Respect the property and rights of others
Above all, enjoy yourself and the company of your friends in a safe, fun and friendly manner