Southgate Restaurant &
Shopping Precinct, Southbank,
VIC, Australia

Responsible Service of Alcohol

P.J.O’brien’s is owned and operated by RED ROCK LEISURE PTY LTD.

As a company Red Rock Venues is committed to providing a safe and inviting atmosphere for all patrons and for our staff to work in.

  • Our staff are RSA accredited and refresher courses are undertaken in accordance with regulatory requirements.
  • Our staff never serve anyone who is knowingly underage. Our staff endeavour to prevent underage drinking by requesting photo identification from any persons who appear under age and only accept the approved forms of photo ID as permitted under applicable State law.
  • Our staff never serve anyone who is knowingly intoxicated. Our staff are required to encourage and promote responsible consumption of alcohol. We discourage people from taking part in activities that may cause harm to themselves or others.
  • Our staff practice Smart Shout Policy by issuing free bottled water to customers during peak times and to anyone we think needs hydration.

The service of alcohol requires our staff to make assessments about refusing alcohol when it is perceived that another drink will result in intoxication. Our staff have the full support of management in making such assessments.

Duty of Care
Red Rock Venues acknowledges its duty of care to patrons by taking all reasonable steps to ensure their safety while on the premises and, in cases of intoxication, by providing water and to assist them safely from the premises.

Safe Premises
Our patrons and staff safety is paramount, any abusive, argumentative, indecent or violent behaviour will not be tolerated. Offenders will be removed from Red Rock venues and authorities notified if necessary.